ProPANS IVIG Clinical Trial

What is the ProPANS IVIG Clinical Trial?

The ProPANS IVIG Clinical Trial is a clinical trial for children between 6 years -17 years of age who have moderate to severe pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS/PANDAS). Clinical trial participation lasts about 6 months. All participants will receive the study drug (Panzyga) and placebo (no active ingredients) during the clinical trial. The infusion visits span over 18 weeks and the clinical trial is divided into two 9 week periods. Participants are randomly assigned to receive Panzyga in either the first or second half of the clinical trial.

Who can join the clinical trial?

Clinical trial participants may be able to join if they meet the following requirements:

Other clinical trial requirements will apply

Take Pre-screener

What will happen during the clinical trial?

Participation in the ProPANS IVIG clinical trial lasts about 22 weeks. Clinical trial participants can expect the following:

  1. Informed Consent: Review & sign the Informed Consent Form.
  2. Screening (up to 4 weeks): Receive health assessments to confirm if your child qualifies for the clinical trial.
  3. Clinical trial treatment period (18 weeks): Patients will visit the clinic 6 times in three weeks intervals to receive either the study drug or placebo (1:1 randomization).
  4. Follow-up Period (week 22): Receive health assessment and evaluations.
Participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. You can ask any questions you have and may leave the clinical trial at any time, for any reason.